Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Hello guys and welcome to today's blog is about what I have done in CIP gardening we had done a little bit but we did do enough .I hope you enjoy today's blog.
The first thing I did in CIP is we got changed so we could go down to the garden. When we got there me and Makenzie thought we would do something different we thought we could clear the path. First we scraped the dirt into the garden and pulled the weeds out.  After we cleared most of the weeds out of the garden we spewed  some more we didn't get to finish it but it was a big job any way.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Hello and welcome to my blog today I am going to talk about what we did today in CIP hope you enjoy.

What we did today was we first when down to the garden and had to clear the shed area. We had to start with the rubbish and carry it to the skip bin. There were ups and downs on carrying the rubbish the had nails sticking out of the wood. After that we had to rake the leaves into plies and there was a rack that we put the leaves on. On the side of the shed there is a hole we put the leaves in there the rack helped us carry the leaves there.
In the next period we had to paint rocks to decorate the garden first we choose the rock to paint  then we had to wash it. First we drew the design on a piece of paper then we had to put in on the rock. The design I wanted was  a sunset with a silhouette of a cactus. It was easier than  thought  add a little glitter  it was fun. Thanks of reading have a good day

Digital tech

Hello and welcome to my blog today's blog is about what I have done in digital tech and our topic environmental I hope you enjoy my blog post.
Our environmental issue is water pollution we choose this because we thought this was a big problem and many contrary's are dumping there waste in to the ocean. There are 7 massive plies of rubbish and that they are bigger that new Zealand. My group has five people that can be helpful. There is Felicity,Shelby,Tasharn,Hayley,and me its a big group it can help when we can get things done faster we can don't have to worry about getting something done. But there are some problems were someone wants to do something else but the other wants to do some thing else so it end in a argument. Thank you for reading my blog have a lovely day.       

Monday, November 11, 2019

Freak the Mighty dictionary

Hello and welcome to my blog post today's blog post is about Freak the mighty's dictionary we have to pick a word from his dictionary and describe the word in our description and make them into sentences.

1. Aardark-its other for an ant eater.
(There is an aardark over there.)

2. camouflage-a camel that blend into the sand.
   (The camel camouflage into the the sand)

3.fealty-its basically loyalty but with an f.
 (This person is very fealty)

4. foozle-its when someone makes a silly mistake.
 (They made a big foozle)

5. vegan-a human non-meater dinosaur.
 (A vegan doesn't eat meat)

6. Quantum-its a word for a number that is impossible .
( Quantum is a hard word to count to)

7. massives-its a person who believe in everything .
(The massives is a fool)

8. Unicorn-a horse who makes a point.
( the unicorn has a good explanation)

9. Brain-a muscle that improves with exercise.
(To help improve the reading is a good activity)

10. Armour-a robot like suit worn by knights of old.
(armour is a protective suit that keeps you safe in harmful situations.

I hope you liked my blog post have a great day 

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Gardening CIP

Hello and welcome to my blog post today's blog post is about what I did in gardening today And what I have accomplished in gardening. I hope you enjoy today's blog post. Today in gardening we were loosening the dirt and pulling out the weeds in the ground so we could plant some spuds. After morning tea we had finished the first row and planted some spuds. After that I went to a patch  that needed to be weeded I did that for a while and I  did some sweeping to pass time.Today was not that interesting but it was tolerable.Thank you and have a lovely day.     

Friday, October 25, 2019

Reading Freak the might

Hi and welcome to my blog post. Today's blog post is about a book I am going to start reading. The book is named Freak the Might and why am I tell you this is because I thought I would share some of my learning with you. I am going to be answering some questions.

1.Based of the front cover and title only what do you predict this book might be about?
I think its about this kid getting bulled and this person stands up for him.

2.If something is described as 'might' what do you think that means?
I think it means bigger,stronger or have power and size.

3.Describe a time you have been called a name of picked on.How did you feel? What made you feel better?
Iv'e been picked on this was in 2015 ages ago. I was made fun of because I would hang out with black people.I didn't care how people think of me.I  felt good because the people that I was hang out with were sad because they were self consensus about there skin.

4.Described the difference between being a bystander and an out-stander.
An out-stander is a person who perceives when things are not working and help when they notice  something is wrong  but a bystander is the  opposite  and just stands and watches  what is wrong.

5.Reading of the back of the book,what do you predict this story is about?
I think its about a this kid who gets bulled and he likes to play with father and imagine that the dragons are his bullies. 

In the first few chapters from 1-3 what I thought so far is there is this particular character   he was weird so thought I would share my idea of him. So this character is an odd person I have had this type of kid in my  school before  he was a type of kid that would acted like a robot and use long words to make him look smart. The protagonist room is a basement I find that kinda sad but he doesn't mind he finds it to get way from things.
That's all I hope you enjoyed this blog post.   


Thursday, October 24, 2019

Pe Sports

Hello and welcome to my blog post. Today's blog post is about today the sports I was teaching the other students. I was not teaching this by myself but with my group we were teaching basketball. We had to do warm ups and some activates. I hope you enjoy.

On Monday it was my groups turn to teach our sport basketball we had to do warm up and I was the one who was going to give the instructions. After that we did some drills they went well. Then on Thursday we did this mini torment so we split people into teams and got the bibs.Then we did half court and I was scoring of one of the teams and Tai was coach the team I was scoring. Shanarna was couching the other team and Paige and Hayley were scoring.The winning team was Yellow. Was this successful yes I think it was if I had to do something different it would be our team could of been more organised. What I learnt about this sport is the scoring is different to netball. My role in this group was to help instructed of what is happening and what we are doing. This is all I could share to you I you enjoyed.